Here is a cool little video that shows how GLOCK in Austria tests the quality of its firearms.

One after another, these guns are put to the test to make sure quality and performance is up to par. All you gun heads out there are surely drooling, asking yourself “How in the heck do I get that job?”

It does seem like a pretty good gig . . . I wonder how hard it is to resist the temptation of testing all those bad boys yourself. If it were me, I would definitely have a hard time not firing off a few mags myself.

Speaking of Austria…

Image is a screenshot from American Weapons Facebook video

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One thought on “Video: How GLOCK in Austria Does Quality Control

  1. Not THAT would be a fun job.

    Great guns, I have two and neither have ever failed me. Of course, people in Austria can’t own or carry them without some sort of special dispensation. Their loss.

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