Just recently, Charlie Black was out walleye fishing with a buddy on Pueblo Reservoir in Colorado. They had done pretty well, catching a good number of fish along with several keepers. After he finished fishing the Marina point, Charlie was thinking of heading in for the day, but decided to give one more spot a try.

The two anglers made a run to another point along the south shoreline and found a lot of fish. Charlie dropped his #7 Purpledescent Jigging Rap down into the depths and started catching walleyes. They had caught four or five when Charlie set the hook on something solid. The fish was dogging like a big walleye, but he couldn’t tell for sure. Because Charlie could feel the fish’s big head shakes during the fight, he thought BIG walleye. He told his buddy, “Get the net ready, this is a BIG fish!”

The fish finally appeared from the depths, and they got their first glimpse at what turned out to be a giant catfish. Charlie slowly worked the fish to the boat, and just as the fish reached the surface of the water, it turned down to make one last run back to the depths, only to find itself in a net.

After checking the current Colorado state fish records, they determined that if it was a blue catfish, it might be a new state record. After a quick Google search, Charlie and his buddy determined that it was indeed a very large blue catfish.

Saturday morning, he took the giant cat down to the fish hatchery to have it officially weighed, species verified, and paperwork filled out for the new Colorado state record blue catfish.

Purpledescent Jigging Rap
Purpledescent Jigging Rap

The moral of the story: You never know what you’re going to catch with a Jigging Rap! And when your gut tells you to go fish just one more spot, listen! There might be a new state record lurking over there.

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