The Santa Monica Mountains in California are home to beautiful sights, Native American history, and dazzling peaks. They are also home to mountain lions.

Just last weekend, a mountain lion attacked nearly a dozen alpacas and a goat at two ranches in the Malibu hills. Now, the lion’s killing spree might be ending.

Mountain lions are protected in this area, and it is unlawful to hunt them under a voter-approved law passed in 1990. However, if a mountain lion harms any livestock, you can request a “depredation permit,” which allows you to hunt and kill a mountain lion within a 10-mile radius.

Of course, this particular cat, known as P-45, has some people fighting to save it. We’ll keep you posted if more details become available.

Image courtesy Sawtooth Flickr

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4 thoughts on “Rancher Granted Permission to Hunt Mountain Lion that Attacked Livestock

  1. I would like to know about status of mountain lions in that area and how specific a hunter with this ranchers skill would know he has located the offending lion. What is not needed is an all-out war on lions resulting in the slaughter of non-offending animals.

  2. I thought I had read several years ago that the California mountain lions had become a big problem since that hunting ban was enacted.

  3. Mountain lion population in California out of control – Biologists will tell you the law passed in 1990 did them no favor. Over population will present many new problems.

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