A hidden camera out in the woods can pick up a number of odd things, but what this trail cam caught is either the most bizarre or funniest thing we’ve seen in the woods.

A trail camera was set up near the Czech-Polish border to take pictures of animals as they passed by, but what it ended up capturing was a naked man who thought he was a tiger after taking LSD.

The man is reportedly being identified as Marek H from the Czech Republic, and he supposedly took the drug to try and treat his depression. However, after taking the drugs, he reportedly ran off into the forest, ripped off all his clothes and started acting like a wild animal.

Trailcam captures naked man

Trailcam Captures Naked man

After police saw this, they apprehended Marek H, who admitted to taking the hallucinatory drug and that it made him feel like a Siberian tiger. He told police that while high on the drug, he “picked up a scent and felt compelled to follow it,” you know, being that he was a tiger and all.

Image courtesy tn.nova.cz

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