Everybody meet the Wyatt family, a gun packing family from Alabama, that dished out a bit of southern justice against a group of burglars who robbed their home in Warrior, Alabama.

In the video, you see a heavyset woman knock on the Wyatt’s front door and then wait for an answer. After a few moments, she calls her accomplices to come kick in the door. Moments later, the security footage shows the trio leaving the home carrying televisions and some of the family’s Christmas presents.

Then, by pure coincidence, the perps drove by while Sarah Wyatt was being interviewed by a WBRC News reporter about the home invasion. The family noticed the Ford Ranger, and when they saw the three passengers inside, they knew it was the people who robbed their home.

The family immediately took action. According to the Sheriff’s office report, the Wyatt family followed the suspects’ vehicle and blocked them in after turning down a road. Chris Wyatt, his friends, and wife then held the burglars at gunpoint until deputies arrived on scene.

It’s always great to see lawful gun owners assist in taking bad guys off the streets. We’re glad nobody was injured, and that justice was rightfully served.

If these people are the ones responsible for the break-ins, the Wyatts want everyone to remember there is still one more at large. In the video, there were two men caught on the surveillance tape, but only one was taken into custody.

The family is asking everyone to keep an eye out and call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office if you have any information about the case.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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4 thoughts on “Gun Packing Family Catch Burglars on Live TV

  1. Please check your local laws. In some places it may not be legal to chase down robbers after the fact and hold them at gunpoint if you are not under an immediate threat of injury. Not saying that this family did anything wrong, just trying to keep some other folks out of potential legal trouble. The bad guys ought to go to jail, not the good guys.

    1. Yes, this world we live in has too many gotchas. While I personally think these people did the right thing, the law in most areas may not agree with that.

  2. Definitely would have gotten them arrested and charged with the burglars, But, they would have been charged with felonies. You can’t threaten deadly force or even display a gun for a property crime in Maryland.

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