The future in precision technology is here. Austrian firearms manufacturer Voere has come up with a new laser ignition system that virtually eliminates any mechanical movement inside the rifle.

To convert your rifle to this futuristic laser ignition system, simply change out the bolt and pop in the ammunition with the special primer and you’re good to go.

The system still uses a standard trigger, so there is still that. If it came with some sort of electronic trigger replacement, then it could really be something, but that opens the door to all kinds of electrical issues. It’s probably not something that you would trust in the field just yet.

Voere has patented the laser ignition system since 2005, but technology has now made it possible to make it compact enough to fit in small spaces like the rifle bolt. Watch the video and see just how precise this new system can be. Obviously, it all still depends on who is pulling the trigger. But when you eliminate moving parts like this system does, it allows for more consistent shooting.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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3 thoughts on “Replacing Firing Pins With Lasers is the Future of Precision Technology

  1. Great idea ! Just what soldiers need , ammo that can’t be fired because an E.M.P. disabled the rifle . Of course he could also carry a mechanical bolt and duplicate standard ammo so the rifle is not an $8000 club . It is too early in the development phase to evaluate as a realistic , usable arm .

    1. Probably a great bench rest rifle. But for a battle rifle , I don’t want anything that requires more batteries. Night vision and thermal optics are enough dead weight if you have no batteries. Maybe when they come up with usable ZPM’s or atomic batteries I’ll be a player but until then I want Mechanical and chemical. Tried and true for hundreds of years

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