Michigan lawmakers are in talks again, working to authorize wolf hunting in the state.

The Senate recently approved legislation that could potentially designate wolves as a game species. The bill was sent to the GOP-led House, where a committee swiftly approved it, setting the stage for one final vote, which will take place next week.

Signs of a wolf living in the states lower peninsula were first discovered by tribal biologists with the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians, and trail camera photos were later recovered that appeared to show an adult wolf. “We have had some tracks and potential sightings, but genetic testing gives us a definitive confirmation,” said Kevin Swanson, DNR bear and wolf specialist.

Michigan is one of a few states that has a significant wolf population, but all of the roughly 630 animals in the state were believed to be residing in the Upper Peninsula.

In another previous OutdoorHub article, a training session for hunting dogs ended in tragedy when 9 beagles were found dead, believed to have been killed by wolves.

Wolf hunting is currently illegal in the state of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. In 2014, the Michigan state Court of Appeals shut down two laws that would have allowed wolf hunts. From the sound of it, hunters who are eagerly waiting for this ruling won’t have to wait much longer.


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4 thoughts on “Michigan Senate Approves Wolf Hunting Bill

  1. Only 630 wolves in the entire state and they want to allow hunting? Absurd! Besides, wolves are intelligent canids and mate for life. I, personally, am against predator hunting. The exception to that would be if there was a specific problem that could not be resolved by other means. I don’t believe in killing animals unless they wind-up on the dinner table, or pose a direct threat.

    1. What purpose do wolves serve? I hate bees. I’m allergic to them and they can turn a great day into a frustrating and painful one, but they serve multiple positive purposes, so we need them. What purpose does a wolf serve?

      1. So what purpose does a human serve on this earth! Let’s see, humans are predators, they kill, mutilate, murder everything, they destroy the earth, they over populate, etc, etc, etc. Wolves have a purpose just like every living thing on this earth…The wolf hunting issue is all political, our great DNR thinks anymore anything goes. The Michigan Wildlife Chief should of been fired several years ago. Any group can approach him, and he melts….We had a season for one year and was overruled by a Federal Judge because the Michigan DNR did not have any scienific evidence to support a hunt. Wolves have still not expanded since then. DNR even states that.

      2. You could have easily answered your own question with a little homework….if you wanted to.
        Briefly put, they are a valuable and integral part of the ecosystem. I’m not going to write a
        20,000-word essay for you; do some checking. You might start with the well-documented
        situation regarding wolf populations in Yellowstone Park.
        Just because you, or someone else, can’t see a “purpose” for something, does not mean it should
        be destroyed!

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