In certain situations, nothing can match the power and accuracy of a bow. Just ask Rambo, or watch this short video of a U.S. special forces unit from Utah called “Silent Warriors” from 1961.

This unit is unique in that it used a recurve hunting bow as a weapon of unconventional warfare. These bows could strike with swift silence from distances of up to about 50 yards. Recurve bows are accurate in the hands of a skilled archer, and very powerful, even those models shown in this video from the 1960s! Of course, today’s compound bows are built much stronger, shoot faster and with even more accuracy than the recurves highlighted here.

The penetrating power of a bow and arrow with a razor-sharp broadhead attached is amazing, and without the position-revealing muzzle flash of a firearm, troops could attack in enemy territory completely undetected.

It’s no wonder why Rambo preferred a bow and arrow over just about any gun. In fact, this Silent Warriors unit is probably where Rambo learned to use his bow to cause so much chaos.


Image is a screenshot from Central Texas Bowhunter Facebook

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