Video: 12-Point Buck Knocks on Front Door and Introduces Himself


Knock, knock… who’s there?

This handsome 12-point buck (basic 5×5 with 2 sticker points) walks right up to the front door, knocks and introduces himself. Where on earth do we have to go where mature bucks come right up to your front door?

This just isn’t fair! As a hunter, I fully appreciate the chase of traveling outside of my urban environment and into the wilderness to harvest a wild animal, but if one were to deliver itself to my front door every now and then, you wouldn’t hear any complaints from me.

This deer looks like one of those city bucks, probably used to people feeding him wherever he goes. We see deer do things like this in the winter when food is scarce, but it’s still hunting season! This buck should probably be careful; he might knock on the wrong door and get an unfriendly greeting.

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