This story is guaranteed to pull at your heart strings. It’s the story of a dog, but not just any dog. This is the story of a hunting dog that loved hunting, his owner and ducks probably more than himself.

You cannot replace an incredible gundog, and it’s even harder to replace that bond between a hunting dog and its owner. It’s something truly special.

Tony Vandeomore had a very special bond with his first dog, Ruff, and he talked a little bit about it in this short, heartfelt video in remembrance of his old sidekick. You might want to grab some tissues while watching:

If you’ve ever loved a dog, or have a four-legged hunting buddy waiting for you to get home, grab him and hug him a little tighter tonight. They say you get only one good dog in a lifetime, but the silver lining behind this video reminds us that’s not true. There will always be another dog ready and eager to learn and sit by your side, while you both stare up at the sky waiting for the next bunch of ducks to circle.

R.I.P. Ruff, keep hunting those ducks in the sky.

Image is a screenshot from Tony Vandemore Facebook video

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2 thoughts on “Video: If You Have a Hunting Dog Waiting for You at Home, This is for You

  1. I’ve had that dog. He wasn’t a hunting dog, he was a Schnauzer and my best friend. We shared a bond few people will ever experience, and I will miss him until the day I die. RIP Buck. I’ll meet you at the bridge.

  2. That was my chocltye Lab Remington. Trained him my self. Best bird dog i have ever had or hunted with. The best friend in the world also. I would do anything to have him back. I have tried many times to get another but none are anywhere close.

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