Video: Shotgun Slug Designed to Look Like an Abrams Tank Sabot


Are you ready for this? It’s a shotgun slug designed to look like an Abrams tank sabot. Pretty cool!

As you’ll see, this shotgun shell is a stabilized discarding sabot shotgun round.


What in the heck is a stabilized discarding sabot shotgun round? Good question.

When you look at a normal shotgun slug, it has a gas piston which pushes it down the barrel. However, the Sauvestre was designed differently.

What they did was design the sabot to be the gas seal. The lugs distribute the force evenly down the entire length of the dart, so when you shoot it, essentially the dart is being pulled down the barrel, rather than being pushed from behind.

It’s a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo, but basically the Sauvestre is a lot less like a normal factory shotgun slug and more like a military sabot. Here’s the video so you can see it in action:

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