Lifelike Buck Decoy Catches Roadside Poachers in 5 minutes


The Illinois DNR is cracking down on poachers. On the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Facebook page, CPO’s Michael Goetten and Chris Gushleff are seen with their new poacher-catching buck decoy, and it works really well.

The two officers deployed the decoy on the side of the road one morning, and within 5 minutes, lead began to fly. According to the post, a 13-year-old boy of Greene County, Illinois, was the one who pulled the trigger.

Now, before you go calling this kid a snot-nosed punk, it was actually the boy’s grandfather who directed him to shoot the “deer.” Nice influence, right? Hopefully the boy learned not to listen to his grandfather on such matters. He should be teaching his grandson the importance of ethical hunting and making a fair/clean kill. Instead, he’s got the youngster doing his dirty work.

Hunters need to have respect for the game they chase. So roadside hunters . . . or poachers is the more correct term . . . consider this a warning: The next time you pull over and reach for your gun, take a second glance because you may not be shooting at the real thing.

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