Wolf Hunting Plan Gets Final Approval From Michigan Legislators


If you listened closely Wednesday night, you may have heard the feint sound of wolves howling coming from the Michigan House, as legislators gave final approval that would allow wolf hunting if the animal is ever taken off the federal endangered species list.

This legislation is now on its way to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk, and it’s the latest shot in a year-long battle over Michigan wolf hunting.

The Michigan Court of Appeals shot down a third wolf hunting law last month. “The petition-initiated measure violated the state constitution’s ‘title-object clause’ by also requiring free hunting licenses for military veterans. The new measure, like the law struck down last month, includes an appropriation making it immune from referendum,” The Detroit News reports.

Michigan had its first-ever wolf hunt back in 2013, but Great Lakes gray wolves found themselves back on the endangered species list in 2014.

If the status ever changes again, however, this new legislation would allow the Natural Resources Commission to designate wolves as a game species, which in a sense would pave the way for a new wolf hunting season. There are still some pretty big hoops to jump through, but wolf hunting is yet another step closer to becoming a real thing in Michigan.

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