3 Reasons You Want to Be Yukon Cornelius


Each Christmas season, I make it a point to watch “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” on TV. And while many of the characters in the show are outstanding, the best has to be Yukon Cornelius. Let’s face it, we would all like to be a bit more like him, and here are three reasons why.

  1. The name. I don’t fault my parents for giving me an old-school name such as David, but it doesn’t exactly conjure up images of ruggedness and the outdoors. Would I be working as managing editor of OutdoorHub had I been named Yukon? No. Instead, I’d be teaching survival classes in the Far North, sleeping under the stars (even during winter), and cooking caribou backstraps over an open fire.
  2. The carry method. Yukon doesn’t worry about which shirt/pant combo will conceal his self-defense pistol without printing. Sure, because of his zip code, Yukon doesn’t have to worry about wearing shorts and t-shirts, but even if he did, Yukon would wear a sturdy leather belt and open carry.
  3. The whole package. Yukon is tough, but he’s not afraid to help those in need. And while his manly beard helps keep him warm, you can only imagine that at some point in Yukon’s life, a cute female snowshoer asked him to shave it, and well . . . that’s why you don’t see her in the TV show. Finally, Yukon plays guitar. Is there anything better around the campfire than an outdoorsman with a guitar? Think about it: If you had a decent supply of ham hocks, corn meal (to fry northern pike that you’ve speared through the ice) and gunpowder, the only thing missing in life would be the sound of an acoustic guitar.

In terms of guitar skills, of course, Yukon would kill it. I’m imagining something on par with my hunting buddy Dakota (another cool name!) shown in the Christmas video below. (The pic below the Facebook video shows Dakota playing for his nurses while in a Nebraska hospital for a heart transplant. Like Yukon, Dakota is the whole package.)

Merry Christmas!


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