Want to see what Savage Arms has in store for you in the new year?

Check out this just-released teaser showing the new Savage MSR. We’re 99.99999 percent sure that in this case, the “MSR” stands for modern sporting rifle (think AR-15).

The trailer briefly highlights some of the specs found on this new gun, and it may look vaguely familiar. It has an impressive side charging handle, and overall looks very sharp. The trailer ends with a simple tagline that reads “Better is coming January 2017,” which opens the door for all kinds of speculation. Could it be piston driven? Or maybe it’s direct impingement? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Stay tuned for all the details!

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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8 thoughts on “Video: Check Out Savage Arms New Modern Sporting Rifle in This Just-Released Teaser

  1. Cool, atleast they’re trying to be different with the side charge. Will definitely price it along with the other side chargers.

    1. I’m with you!! Have two 99’s and a Remmy 722 all three pre 1954. It’s the only caliber I’ve ever hunted with until I got my chance at a moose this year in northern Idaho bought a browning A3 30-06 in wood and had piller and glass bedded. Shoots great but the shot I took was only 93 yards and I’m sure the .300 Savage would have been up to the task. My .300 savage has everything including elk humanely and very quickly. I will say the longest shot on an elk was under 150 yards. They say that the .300 Savage is obsolete but I disagree. It is a Great cartridge and I am sure many are sitting in a grandfathers or fathers safe being overlooked by a younger generation that is maxed out on bigger has to be better. For the record I’m almost 50. I do handload and have worked up loads for the 99’s and the 722 all three like a slightly load and the Remmy likes a 168 Gameking and the 99’s like a 150 grain Nosler partition
      My son who is almost 30 now just got back from a long range shooting class where he took his GA precision.300 win mag. He came home and told me that while being the 2nd oldest student in the class that he felt under gunned with all the .338’s in the course. The only person there with a smaller caliber was a guy shooting a 2 6.5 Creedmores and he was in his 40′. He outshot everyone there with a production Savage precision rifle in 6.5. A $1200 rifle with a Nighforce scope the guy bought secondhand for $750 put rifles costing 2-5 times as much and a 6.5 AR with Vortex glass.
      Personally I’ve been looking forward to an AR with the side charging handle over the rear was planning on building a upper this year now I might just buy the Savage MSR. I’m a big fan of Savage so I’ll bite especially if they come in the 6.5 Creedmore.

  2. 7 Seconds into the video you can clearly see a left side charging handle.
    Savage has already proven they are making something different just by this as opposed to simply making “another AR” (I’m looking at you Springfield Armory).

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