Video: World Record 1,000 Man Shoot


Ever hear the sound of 1,000 guns fired at the same time? Probably not, until now that is.

In this video, a new world record is set when 1,000 Henry Repeating Arms, lever-action rifles fire at the same time and send one loud, stern message.

This world record event, put on by Henry and the NRA, is meant to send a powerful Second Amendment message to Capitol Hill.

Demolition Ranch takes you with him, as he was invited to participate in the event. However, we also dug up the video that shows the 1,000 man shoot from another perspective. Take a look at both videos below and enjoy the sweet, thunderous sound of gunfire . . . a lot of gun fire.

Pretty cool huh? Take a look from another point of view, and did you hear the echo coming off the mountains?

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