Eagle Drops Salmon on Power Lines, Causes Widespread Power Outages


Something fishy occurred in Seattle last week.

According to The Seattle Times, a witness reportedly saw a fish fall from a bird’s clutches, hit the power lines, and then the power went out for 172 homes. South Seattle customers were without power for more than 2 hours, while Seattle City Light worked to resolve the problem.

“Ospreys and eagles frequently hunt in the area,” said Connie McDougall, a Seattle City Light spokeswoman. “The fish likely wriggled its way out of becoming lunch Wednesday afternoon, but met a different, unfortunate end.”

When crew members arrived to the scene, they found an electrocuted salmon on the ground below. Fish fry anyone?

Thankfully, this was just an accident. We don’t want to see something like Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Birds,” come to life.

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