Well, it was just a rumor before, but since Academy Sports mistakenly posted a listing for the new Smith & Wesson M2.0, they might have spilled the beans.

Soldier Systems Daily caught the listing on Academy Sports before they were able to take it down, but the cat was already out of the bag. Photos surfaced all over the place, and the new pistol looks really sharp to us. Take a peak at Smith & Wesson’s new addition to the M&P family below:

Leaked pictures of the S&W M&P 2.0

Considering Academy Sports has now removed the listing from their website, it appears this was an unintentional leak, which would make sense because SHOT Show is right around the corner.

Image courtesy Imgur

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3 thoughts on “Leaked: S&W M2.0 Rumors Confirmed?

  1. For clarification, I wrote the story at TFB two days prior to Soldier Systems post. And the pictures they used are the ones I got screenshots of before the listing went down.

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