Scientists Discover Source of ‘Otherworldly’ Noise Coming from Mariana Trench


Back in November, the Canadian military began investigating a very mysterious pinging sound heard bellowing from the Mariana Trench sea floor.

The sound was described as a hum or a beep, but nobody could figure out where or what the sound was coming from. The Canadian military sent out an aircraft to investigate the acoustic anomalies, but were unable to pinpoint any explanations. They were, however, able to rule out the presence of both foreign and domestic submarines in the area.

Officials were left completely baffled over this Transformers-like noise coming from the sea, but they may have finally discovered an explanation.

Researchers recently recorded an “otherworldly” noise near the Mariana Trench that could be a never-before-heard whale call. It’s been dubbed the “Western Pacific Biotwang,” and it comes from a minke whale – a type of baleen whale – according to the researchers who documented the vocalization.

There hasn’t been official confirmation linking to two sounds together, however, it’s likely they are coming from a similar source. Listen to the vocalization yourself and find out why it was causing so much concern:

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