Must-See Video: Man Slips and Falls Through the Ice


We’ve recently published stories on how to safely find ice first and why your next ice fishing suit should float. While there is good ice now throughout parts of the north country thanks to cold temps during mid-December (recent reports from northern Minnesota indicate 12-15 inches of solid ice), that doesn’t mean the ice is safe everywhere. (And yes, we know . . . ice is truly never safe.)

For proof that you always need to be careful on the ice, we bring you this golfing video. Yes, golfing. We don’t know where this event occurred, but chances are good this guy isn’t an avid ice angler. If he was, with the snow-free sheet of ice to examine, he would’ve been able to quickly see that the ice wasn’t the minimum of 4 inches thick for walking. Or golfing.

Now, this guy is probably a pretty solid golfer . . . you can tell by his stance over the ball. However, his golf spikes slip on his downswing . . . and well, you can watch the rest for yourself.

Hopefully the water hazard was shallow and the golfer was able to stand and walk to land. Or perhaps one of his buddies was able to assist him.

Be careful out there!

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