Video: Deer Crashes into Gold’s Gym for a Late-Season Workout


A surveillance camera at Gold’s Gym in Anderson, South Carolina caught this video of a deer smashing through a window and running wild around the weight room.

It appears the deer was getting in a little cardio workout, when it decided to hit the gym and throw in some weight training to go with it.

Watch the one guy who climbs on top of the front desk out of fear. Pretty funny!

After the deer made its smashing entrance, it made its way into the weight room, where the chaos really started.

It breaks another pane of glass and hurdles a bench press rack in the middle of the weight room. Where is Arnold Schwarzenegger when you need him?

Mark this up as one of the more intense deer break-ins we’ve seen. Luckily, Fox 8 News reports nobody was injured during this little incident, but three panes of glass and a treadmill sure took a beating!

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