Russian Fisherman’s Deep-Sea Catches are not for the Faint of Heart


A fisherman in Murmansk, Russia, has been sharing his deep-sea catches online, and they are flat out terrifying!

The fisherman has gained a pretty large following on Instagram and Twitter, where he shows off his discoveries.

Honestly, will you ever step foot in the ocean again?

No thank you!

Okay, seriously, this is straight out of somebody’s nightmares.

Oh heck no, this snaggletoothed demon of the sea is just too much!

Was this guy deep-sea fishing or playing Pokemon Go?


Looks like Humpty Dumpty, but still, why is this a thing?


It’s like it’s looking into your soul.

Alright, this isn’t scary, but isn’t it amazing how we share the same planet as these creatures? Sure it’s terrifying, and I may have nightmares about this, and oh yeah I’ll never set so much as another toe in the ocean again… but pretty amazing!


I’m DONE; why do things like this exist?

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