Video: Watch a .500 and .700 Nitro Express Being Fired in Slow Motion


You like watching high-powered guns being shot in slow motion, right?

Well, you’re in luck, because we have two videos of a .500 and .700 Nitro Express being fired in slow motion, and you’re going to want to check them out.

First, we’ll start with the .500 Nitro Express and work our way up. As you’ll see below, two rounds of 570-grain bullets are fired back to back. It’s enough to blow the lid right off this guy’s head! We aren’t sure if he meant to fire both rounds like that, but after this, he probably won’t ever again.

Now, moving onto the .700 Nitro Express. This thing shoots 1,000-grain bullets 2,000 fps and definitely packs a powerful punch! The guy firing this weapon isn’t small in stature by any means, and this gun still nearly knocks him off his feet. He’s all smiles though, and wouldn’t you be after shooting that beauty of a gun? And yes, you heard that background comment correctly . . . $125 per shell!

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