Man vs. 11-Point Buck. Lets see how this goes. . . 

This big 11-point whitetail buck knew exactly what he was doing walking up to these two guys.

Deer are smart, that’s why they avoid us hunters at all cost. But this buck must have known exactly who he was dealing with here.

With no hunters in sight, the buck emerges from the woods and walks right up to these two men, who appear to be utility workers of some type. We know they’re not hunters because of what one of the men does next.

He grabs the buck by the antlers and hangs on for the ride of his life!

Yup, no hunters in sight here! – No bright ones at least.

Image is a screenshot from the Supply Drop Facebook video

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11 thoughts on “Video: Man vs. 11-Point Buck, Lets See How This Goes. . .

    1. We’ve have become so soft and misguided in America, that seeing a man wrestle with a deer is “upsetting”, but then we’ll go sit down in front of the TV and watch a show like “Bones” or “CSI” where they have true to life “bodies” with eyes hanging out, or head blown off. Or we’ll watch “Walking Dead” where they use machetes to split the skulls of zombies. While I think this guy was a little stupid, nothing graphic or upsetting here.

  1. That’s funny, dude had to be thinking I’ve got hold of him now what ? If my back wasn’t screwed up, I’d probably grabbed his ass to. Not many many people can honestly say I’ve grabbed an 11 point buck by the horns…

  2. Sad. That deer learned to trust humans. Big mistake. There will always be a macho idiot around to take advantage of a friendly animal. Around here the big bucks that eat apples are poached at night by trailer park trash thinking they are super hunters. Probably hanging the antlers over their TV. Loosers.

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