Remember This Dubstep Turkey Calling Tutorial?


In the wake of the most recent Super Bowl, there seems to be one specific moment that will likely be talked about for a long time. Especially during turkey season..

Perhaps you already know by now, but I’m referring to when Shakira stared straight into the camera during her halftime performance and started making a turkey call sound with her tongue. It was one of those moments that left everybody with the same type of response, and immediately sparked the creation of thousands of internet memes. Here’s just a few for reference:

This whole thing reminded us of another turkey call video all you turkey hunters out there will want to see as well.

Apparently, this video was a simple turkey calling tutorial on what it sounds like when they come down off the roost. But then, out of nowhere the beat drops:

Dubstep turkey calling, who saw this coming? It probably won’t go over very well at your next house party, but your turkey hunting buddies sure will get a kick out of it!

Pop it on one morning when you and your hunting partner are on your way to the woods and it will surely get a laugh out of them.

Hopefully a turkey will respond, too!

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