Dumbbells aren’t just for picking up and setting down anymore. In this video, Ballistic Machinist gives you another use for dumbbells that we’ve never seen before.

Working with Detroit Machine Tools, Ballistic Machinist crafts a dumbbell-shaped shotgun slug, and it’s surprising how well it performs.

First, he takes aim at a simple paper target, and has no problem hitting his mark. Then, it’s time to put this slug to the test, and what better way than to shoot up an old mini fridge?

The dumbbell-shaped slug rips through the mini fridge with ease, first from only a few feet, then from around 40-45 yards. Both slugs penetrated entirely through the fridge. Still skeptical? See for yourself:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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One thought on “Video: Dumbbell Shotgun Slugs vs. Mini Fridge, Oh Yeah

  1. What he ought to do is to machine a mold so the slug can be cast out of lead. Not everyone has access to cad machines, or deep pockets.

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