Here’s a feel-good story for you to end your day. A fawn apparently fell into this woman’s pool and was drowning, but the woman was not ready to give up.

The woman apparently noticed the deer struggling in the pool and jumped in after it. She rescued the tiny fawn from the ice-cold water and then went right to work; the deer was lifeless.

She worked urgently, performing CPR for nearly 10 minutes. The woman never gave up, and neither did the deer. She miraculously breathed life back into the tiny fawn, which later rejoined its mother.

A great story that will warm your heart; good work to save this deer’s life! Check it out below:

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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3 thoughts on “Video: Woman Performs CPR on Drowning Deer to Save its Life

    1. In Medicine, I was taught that a life is a life. It matters not if it’s a human. Thank you for your kind words.
      Dr. Sonny

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