Canadian trapper Oswald McFadden has been trapping his whole life. For 10 years now, he has set his traps along the same trapline near Cocagne, New Brunswick, Canada. But on Christmas Day, he captured something he had never seen before.

When McFadden went to check his traps that day, he was shocked to find a very rare animal caught in his snare: a black bobcat.

“I thought it was a house cat,” said McFadden. “When I saw the tail I knew it wasn’t a house cat. Then I looked at the ears, I knew it was definitely a bobcat.”

Many animals can have varying melanistic traits. Melanism is a development of the dark-colored pigment melanin in the skin or its appendages. It is often observed in squirrels, jaguars, and everyday house cats, but it is extremely rare in bobcats.


Black Bobcat

Black Bobcat

It sounds like McFadden is still deciding what to do with his rare find. He’s debating whether to donate it to a museum, sell it, or just have it mounted for himself. It’s a tough choice to make, but it would definitely make a really cool mount in his house!

Image is a screenshot from the CBC News video

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10 thoughts on “New Brunswick Trapper Captures What’s Believed to be Only the Second Black Bobcat in Canadian History

  1. I believe trapping should be banned. It IS cruel and unwarranted. I’ve seen first-hand the effects of leg-hold traps, and it ain’t pretty. Need I remind you that trapping almost wiped-out the beaver population in large tracts of early America; unconscionable.
    Trapping for edible animals in a survival situation is something altogether different. I’m a hunter, so I’m not one of those psycho urban liberals who protests in ignorance. But, I’m also not one for anything goes.

    1. Zipper, u are a liar. Leghold traps dont damage the animal. Thats the point of using em. If u catch the wrong species or wrong sex or if its too young…. You pop open the leghold trap and they scamper off. Your plastic jacket is responsible for more animal deaths and habitat loss than fur products…… By a WIDE MARGIN!

      1. How Dare you call me a liar!!
        “Leghold traps dont damage the animal.” – You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that!

        I once worked for a veterinarian, and we had dogs brought in who had been caught in leg-hold traps.
        Their legs were badly injured; some required surgery. Even had a raccoon who had chewed-off its own leg to escape.
        The trap immobilizes the animal, preventing them from eating, caring for their babies, staying hydrated, fending off predators, and sheltering themselves from the elements. The animal endures a painful and panic-filled wait until they either die from exhaustion, blood loss, dehydration, hypothermia, or are clubbed, choked or stomped to death by the trapper (so as not to damage the pelt).
        There is good reason why the American Veterinary Association, the American Animal Hospital Association, the World Veterinary Association, the National Animal Control Association and the Sierra Club all oppose the leg-hold trap.

        I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about by “plastic jacket.” I don’t wear any “plastic jacket.” Maybe someone like you thinks a plastic trash bag makes a great rain suit.

      2. U r a liar. U make stuff upabout your experiences and u ignore facts. I am sure that several groups are anti-fur as u mentioned. Shall i name several that are pro – fur? Fur is environmentally friendlyand conserves wildlife habitat.
        I doubt u r a hunter, i doubt that u have ‘seen’ all that u have claimed.

      3. Talking to a coprophagous moron like you is a waste of time. YOU are the only liar here!
        (PS – learn how to spell; a 2nd-grader would put you to shame)

      4. So, u looked up a nice big word to post and then u mock my spelling? I bow to your learned greatness o’ pilgarlic one!

      5. That assumes the trapper got his lazy arse off the couch to go check his indiscriminate, pot-luck, artifacts of the dark ages, in a timely fashion. It’s tough for an animal to “scamper off” when he is froze solid…

      6. So trappers are lazy eh? Glad to see your ability to speak concerning that which you are obviously ignorant. Trapping is hard work and the animals dont freeze to death. Traps either kill or hold. Legholds dont freeze animals and many of them even have rubber jaws. Wildlife management by hunters and trappers is why we have wild lands. The VAST majority of volunteer time and $$$ that conserve wildlife comes from hunters, fishers and trappers. They invest in it because they know and love it. People like you however, go on the forums to post nasty, mileading and uninformed messages.

  2. Hey let’s shut down the abortion clinics first. Then we can work on those mouse traps. Now those are cruel. LOL

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