Manitoba’s famed Northern Region has earned the alias “Land of the Giants” for good reason. Fisheries such as Nueltin Lake, North Knife Lake, God’s Lake, Egenolf Lake and Big Sand Lake are considered among the top lake trout fisheries in all of Canada, if not the world.

The all-time Manitoba record for a laker is an insane 54 incher caught in Nueltin Lake. While Aaron Wiebe doesn’t reveal the specific name of the lake in this video (he is a fisherman, can you blame him?), he does mention he is the Northern Region and shares a quick tip on jigging for Master Angler lake trout.

He also lands a 42-inch beast and, in doing so, provided inspiration for my first New Year’s resolution of 2017: Catch a Manitoba Master Angler lake trout.

It’s good to set goals in life, right? I’ve never nabbed a Master Angler laker, so now I’ve got a fishing mission. Stay tuned . . . I’ll keep you posted on my New Year’s resolution.

In the meantime, enjoy this great video.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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