If you’re like us, you can’t resist the deer hunting video game Big Buck Hunter. In this video, John Oens takes down three bucks in 35 seconds, in what looks like a real life version of the classic arcade game.

John takes aim at the first buck at 200 yards and drops the animal with an Ithaca Deer Slayer III 20 gauge slug gun. Then, just like in the game, two more bucks run in front of John’s first-person camera. He makes it look easy as he shoots the two deer sprinting by him. Tough shots!

John ends up with a nice 10-point buck and two 8-pointers; that’s got to be a high score!

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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9 thoughts on “Video: Hunter Plays Real Life Big Buck Hunter; Shoots 3 Bucks in 35 Seconds

  1. There is blue sky behind the running deer you are shooting at. This video will be a great example of how not to hunt in hunter education classes.For Pete’s sake man, get a clue.

    1. Bravo to all who replied. Ithaca company should pay him not to endorse the gun. Looks bad. And yes’ where can I get 3 buck tags to use all at once. He must have been at a state line or better yet a point where 3 states come together. Good job giving anti’s more fodder for their cannon.

  2. So, what state gives you 3 firearms buck tags? Was he hunting with no plug? I never heard him reload. Slob hunting at its finest. This could have just as easily resulted in 3 crippled bucks. Not impressed with his judgement or approach to safety.

  3. What unsafe sob. Shooting over a hill what’s over the horizon. Don’t know what state gives out 3 buck tags? Don’t care if you are hunting with other ppl. Very unsafe hunting practices by this asswipe

  4. Yeah this is why people don’t like hunters , I am not limited to hunting with a shotgun so I will try to be open minded . But I would never lay down fire in such a small area . I wonder how uncle joe bob is , 20 gauge hole in him ? Super sloppy hunting .

  5. In 1967 I purchased from the Oak Lawn, IL. gun shop a brand new Ithaca 12 ga. Model 37 Feather weight Deer Slayer. It came with a 18″ Police Special Slug Barrel.
    I’m now 66 yeas young and this slug gun is still my favorite and most accurate rifles. Shooting rapid rounds was made possible through Ithaca because of what was known as a slam fire bottom load bottom eject breech.

  6. MN allows party hunting. Also there is no law I know of there that limits a person to 3 shots. I would hope not to hunt anywhere near this guy though.

  7. That guy is a piece of shit. I mean what a slob…. Exactly why I’ve begun to switch to archery hunting, so I don’t have to deal with people like this.

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