No matter how busy you are today, find the time – MAKE the time – to watch this 16-minute video about Jay Gregory and his near-death experience at the hands of a poacher with a high-powered rifle.

Jay is one of the best guys in the outdoor industry, and to think we almost lost him . . . in such an unfathomable way . . . is insane.

This powerful film will give you chills. And make you thankful for family, friends and the gift of life.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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12 thoughts on “Must-See Video: Bowhunter/TV Host Jay Gregory Talks About the Day He was Shot Intentionally by a Poacher

      1. What sucks is the landowner has little rights in these instances to detour trespassing and to keep it from happening again. Hard to detain someone until law enforcement can arrive to continually write tickets.

  1. Jay Gregory was shot after trespassing on Forrest Walker’s property and shot by the land owner.
    Doesn’t make it right, just clarifying the facts.

    1. Last I checked even in castle doctrine states you can’t shoot someone just for trespassing. That guy should’ve at least faced stiffer charges.

      1. I agree, that’s why I stated it doesn’t make it right that Gregory was shot while trespassing. Video made it look like Walker (land owner) was up to no good. Walker was on his land ,legally hunting, and Gregory dressed in camo is caught trespassing. The video is a little misleading on what happened.

    2. Well Forrest needs a mental health exam and his hunting rights and guns removed for life. What a f-ing nut job…you .06 someone because they trespassed? I live in rural Ohio…Forrest would be dead if he shot someone for this.

      1. Yep, I agree. Jay Gregory was 25 at the time. Could have easily been a 17 year old high school kid that was shot.

      2. I’d like to read the court case, cuz (hearsay goes rampant) Jay was told repeatedly by the landowner about trespassing from my understanding. Sounds like the landowner went into a rage and lost it.

        What landowner sits in a blind, in a tree, in April, over corn to poach? Jay never seen the guy before and he was the landowner? There are things about the way he tells it that just do not add up to make it a simple stranger poaching case.

      3. I have to agree. A landowner is not going to sit in a blind over corn to poach. Especially not in April. This was obviously a traumatic experience for Jay, but lets not embellish the story. This would have been a good story to teach young hunters to always know property boundaries and never trespass. People have been shot in the past from hunters who “thought” the movement they saw was a game animal. I would never shoot something unless I positively ID it. I would like to hear from Jay about this case after some of the facts have come to light.

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