Sushi is great. It’s full of protein and omega-3s, but health benefits aside, it just tastes good! Would you pay $632,000 for it though?

On Thursday, a sushi chain boss bought a 466-pound bluefin tuna at an auction for 74.2 million yen. ($632,000 U.S.) This enormous bid was the second highest ever after a record 155.4 million yen bid in 2013. That’s one expensive spicy tuna roll!

Kiyomura Corp. owner Kiyoshi Kimura posed with his huge purchase, which was caught off the coast of Japan’s northern Aomori prefecture.

Image from NBC News Facebook

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One thought on “Sushi Chain Owner Spent $632,000 on a 466-Pound Bluefin Tuna

  1. OMG – that is 1356 dollars a pound – my wife said that is about half the cost of my annual whitetail take.
    She is now convinced I should eat bluefin tuna instead of venison.

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