A family in Kansas is upset after game wardens shot a deer the family was keeping as a pet for nearly 2 years.

The mule deer had apparently followed Kim Mcgaughey home one day, and that’s when they decided to house the animal. Keeping a wild animal as a house pet is against the law in Kansas, and once a facebook post tipped off authorities, Mcgaughey was ticketed for possessing wild game without a permit.

Taryn Mcgaughey, Kim’s daughter, captured the video below of the wardens explaining the law and why they have to take action. You can see the deer is obviously injured and that makes it extremely unpredictable and dangerous.

(Caution: Contains graphic content)

According to The Wichita Eagle, the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism reports at least two people have been killed in Kansas by pet deer. The department said it was trying to protect people from being physically injured by the deer, and eliminate the possibility of disease being passed to humans, livestock and other deer.

“In these cases our officers have to decide what options there are. That might be to relocate the animal, release it back into the wild or take it to some kind of rehab facility,” said Mark Rankin, law enforcement assistant director for the wildlife department. “Unfortunately once they’ve become imprinted on people, (euthanasia) is almost always the final outcome. Our officers on the scene felt (shooting the deer) was about their only option.”

These decisions are never easy, and contrary to what people think, they don’t enjoy making them.


Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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31 thoughts on “Video: Game Wardens Shoot “Pet” Deer in Front of Crying Family

  1. Not really sure what to say here? I don’t think it should have been killed. There is plenty of places it could have gone too.

  2. Our city of 60000 has deer everywhere living in it.. it’s iliac to kill them in the city limits, we never hear of any incidents of deer hurting people. I’m add sure if someone cornered the beer intentionally then it could become a story, but we never have any stories of people getting hurt by deer. This game warden is very uneducated just let tty he deer live with how it chose to live..wow..sad story

  3. Hard to believe on a outdoor forum so many people so ignorant about domesticating a wild animal .Do you people really hunt and observe Wild animals

    1. you think they are bad deal with the USDA they are just as bad except they do not pull the trigger ,We had a coyote pup here and he was also found as we were told ORPHANED.? Well he grew up here and he was never really at ease here if you went near his pen he would pace back and forth .USDA came in and Told me to put him down .as he had cage Sycosis I had to put him down or get fined .And speaking of that if they found something wrong they would give you a certain amount of time to rectify it .Example We had pot belly pigs .and pigs being pigs would make wallows .OH no said the GESTAPOS you cant have that .The asswipes did not know that pigs do not perspire .So they make wallows to cool off .Well I did not rectify the situation as that is what I told them .WRONG they wrote me up at least 3 or 4 different ways for the same infraction, One time a USDA GESTAPO came in to check my perimeter fences .She found a spot where the bottom of the fence was about 3 to 4 inches off of the ground .Then in her moment of STUPIDITY said to me .You have 2 weeks to lower that fence to ground level .I asked her why .Then came the words of wisdom .Because a raccoon can crawl under it and gain access to the interior of the compound. Think about this .The p[page stock fence has a graduated pattern from approx.2inches on the bottom and gets wider as it goes up .and remember the fence is stapled to trees and post for thousands of feet .DUMB ,She must of have thought tat raccoons don’t or cant climb also if a raccoon wanted to get in all it had to do is climb up a few stays and crawl through the 6Many more things to post but steak in on the table .These inspectors did not know crap about animals excerpt what was in their books

  4. Wow, We are big men, aren’t we??? Power got the best of them, put a gun on their hip and it goes to their head!!! No respect HERE

  5. it is illegal to feed and house a wild animal. Were you not watching the animal was injured? No way it could survive in the wild, it would have been food for a predators up the food chain. The situation was on the family that decided to “keep” a wild animal. Shame on them

    1. We have Vets for injury. Surely there is a zoo somewhere that would take it. This is the reason that many sportsmen do not really care for these. Ownoys with the big guns on their hips. You are welcome to your opinion, just realize that such actions increase the public disdain for such law enforcement types.

      1. A “zoo” for the injured animal???? Are you retarded? If we placed every wild animal into a zoo, the zoos would be over run with injured WILDlife within one week! Don’t be a retard.

      2. There is better ways to get your point across than to be little others by calling them stupid and retarded chick wagon.

      3. wrong there are or were many of places that could care for this doe .I personally had a rehabilitation place a few yrs back .I took in all kinds of unwanted animals .Even lions, Mt lions, bears ,tigers bobcats and many many more .I ran this center on small donations and thousands of dollars out of my own pocket .My biggest problem was at that time the GESTAPO TACTICS of the USDA and the state conservation dept. . I finally had to close it for health reasons .there was no excuse to shoot this doe .The people in charge should have a dart gun like I did ,Tranquilize the animal at least and find a facility that would take it .Or take it some where and then euthanize it with a needle much more humane .These Game wardens were very heartless in shooting this deer in front of the farmers .COLD HEARTED KILLERS THEMSELVES

  6. then let the natural course take action Raul. Yup you are correct C Frank Clock….these guys power trip all the time, I see it every hunting season, nonsense. don’t get me wrong, we need the fish cops absolutely, they do their best they can, however often I see these “officers” take it way to far. JMHO

  7. What a stupid B***C. 1) The deer didn’t belong to her. 2) It’s ILLGAL to keep and possess wild animals. 3) Evidentally just because the deer hung out at her house for two years, she thought it now belonged to her. 4) It’s ILLEGAL to feed wild game. 5) Evidentally, the law somehow doesn’t pertain to this woman! 6) Had the woman not kept feeding the deer, perhaps it would have had a better chance of survival living elsewhere. 7) The deer was injured and the retard woman had not other alternative to euthanize the animal, so she throws a tantrum.

    How ridiculous. Again, contrary to what she thinks, it was NOT her deer, just because it hangs out at her house. Get over it you stupid crying imbecile. Way to go, looking mature in front of your kids. Not.

  8. as much $ as our government wastes and they couldn’t have taken it elsewhere to put it down… sure the family made a poor choice but have some class and don’t execute the dam thing in front of them… the oath does say protect and SERVE…

  9. Why do people insist on posting every aspect of their lives on Face Book? It’s amazing the number of people who get themselves in trouble because of the dumb things they post on Face Book.

  10. I guarantee you none of these officers enjoyed this or were on a power trip. They made the best of a bad situation with the resources they had available to them. The family made a bad decision when they chose to habituate the deer to humans and condition it to processed foods. Wildlife agencies warn citizens every spring not to make pets of juvenile wildlife. Some folks make a conscious decision to ignore this advice and then blame agency personnel for the consequences of their poor decision. Shame on this family. You all signed the death warrant.

    1. The 3 Stooges could have just walked away.
      The law should always be tempered with justice and mercy. If it isn’t it’s nothing more than chains and shackles, codified.

  11. When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything is a nail. I would like to know how many officers they have searching facebook for infractions. I hope they enjoyed the back straps. The officers were justified, just lazy.

  12. The game wardens were on a power trip, to shoot the deer in in front of the people hat raised it was just plain wrong !
    The pet should have been put on a truck and shot out of sight of the owners !

    1. I agree, IF that were possible. But, you saw the deer scamper well away everytime they tried to approach it. They had catch-poles for that very purpose. The “owners” should have obtained the proper permit(if possible), or better yet, contacted a wildlife rescue organization for help.
      That deer was obviously limping, and would not have made it in the wild.

  13. I had a buddy who picked up a fawn years ago along the road as it stood beside its dead mama. He hand feed it and it became a pet. The Game Warden found out about it and showed up. He told my buddy he had 1 week to get rid of it and the only option was a game farm. My buddy knew a Amish guy who raised deer and he took it. Sad to see a “pet” killed like that…but they have the laws for a reason.

  14. Sorry all the “It’s the law “, and “We just didn’t have any other options”, is all BS. We all know it and those 3 Stooges sure as hell know it.
    Those are the guys who would load their neighbors into box cars or burn their homes and businesses. In the old days they were Nazis, but I think we call them bureaucrats these days. They come in all sizes and shapes but the common characteristic is they make their living from the sweat of their neighbors and honor the ‘law’ over justice or freedom.

  15. Law or no law, the real catastrophe and mistake here is to do this in front of landowners while knowingly being filmed. That’s no way to foster public trust and goodwill by an agency touting resource conservation management goals. These “officers” need some ethics training.

  16. Now, what they SHOULD have done was to refuse entry to their property. Then, call their attorney to petition the court for an injunction until either a permit could be obtained, or the deer relocated to a wildlife care facility. Sad.

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