We came across another picture that’s worthy of our “photo of the day” honors. What do you think?

This note was posted outside the capitol office door of Nick Marshall, state representative for Platte County, Missouri:



While some will rejoice in Marshall’s invitation to “borrow a firearm,” other’s craniums are exploding at the sight of such a flier.

What’s your take on State Rep. Nick Marshall inviting CCW owners to carry inside the capitol building?


Image courtesy Wikimedia

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6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: State Rep. Invites CCW Carriers to ‘Borrow a Firearm’ Inside Capitol Building

  1. It’s the attitude that all public servants should have. If you don’t support the rights of your constituents, they aren’t really your constituents now are they!? Kudos to Nick Marshall.

  2. At the Texas capitol, there is a separate line for gun carriers to go through. Gets you into the building faster since you don’t have to go through the security check.

  3. The Utah state Capitol building by state law cannot bar anyone from carrying concealed or openly. This is true for all state offices and property except courthouses. Bern this way many for years and I never heard of shooting incident at the capitol because of this.

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