Video: This Epic Bugle Battle Between Elk and Hunter Will Give You Chills


There’s nothing more exciting than a bugle battle between elk and hunter. Get ready, because this video is intense!

Chasing bull elk through the woods is as exhilarating as it gets. Hearing the sound of bugles come from the depths of the forest will give you goose bumps every time. This video from SIXSITE, of a public land hunt in New Mexico, is guaranteed to make the hair on your arms stand straight up.

You couldn’t set the scene any better in a movie, from the eerie fog-filled New Mexico wilderness, to the epic duel of bugles between the hunter and an old growler.

Watch this epic battle here:

Did you hear that sound the arrow makes on impact? If we’re talking about recognizable and rewarding sounds you hear on the hunt, that one will drop you to your knees. A perfect kill shot.

This video does a great job of capturing what hunting is all about . . . transforming yourself to become apart of a different element, and the raw emotions that pour out after a successful chase. This right here, is why we hunt.

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