Help North Dakota officials catch these disgusting poachers who committed this heinous act.

This takes poaching to a whole new level of evil; what these guys did is absolutely inexcusable. North Dakota Game and Fish is currently on the lookout for the several individuals involved in this video of a deer poaching incident.

This gruesome 7-minute video is hard to watch, and we’ve seen a lot of poaching videos through the years.

You’ll see a group of men swim out to retrieve the struggling buck from a river, and drag it to shore underwater. Then, they appear to brutally stab the deer over and over, before suffocating it by shoving it’s face in the ground.

(Caution: Video Contains Graphic Content and Language)

The North Dakota Game and Fish released the following press release on the incident:


Jan. 5, 2017

Contact: Robert Timian, chief game warden, 701-328- 6604

Game and Fish Looking for Info on Apparent Deer Poaching Incident

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department is seeking information through the Report All Poachers hotline on an apparent deer poaching that occurred this past fall near the ND Highway 1806 bridge over the Cannonball River in Morton County.

Chief Game Warden Robert Timian said Game and Fish obtained a video of the incident recently, and is releasing it to the public and media in an effort to get more information on this event, and to try to identify the individuals involved in an apparent illegal killing of a whitetail buck. The video is available for viewing and download on the Game and Fish Department’s YouTube channel.

Based on current information, Timian says the incident took place during the fall of 2016, likely on the north side of the Cannonball River west of the ND Highway 1806 bridge over the Cannonball, in the vicinity of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camps.

This raw, unedited video is approximately 7 minutes long and shows several individuals entering the river to retrieve a whitetail buck that was struggling in the river, and dragging it to shore where the deer was killed.

Anyone with information on the possible identity of any individual in this video, or any other information, is urged to call the Report All Poachers hotline at 800-472- 2121; contact the Game and Fish enforcement division directly at 701-328- 6604; or email RAP calls are anonymous, and can lead to rewards for information that leads to convictions.

This video, which was shot this past fall in Morton County, was obtained by Chief Game Warden Robert Timian. He believes the incident happened on the north side of the Cannonball River and west of ND Highway 1806 bridge.

If you have any information about this incident, or can identify any of the individuals from the video, please contact authorities immediately.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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25 thoughts on “WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Help Wanted in Hunting Down These Disgusting Poachers

  1. This is disgusting! I can only say that these boys don’t deserve to be called hunters or men! They are poachers through and through! As hunters we must take the life of the animal as ethically as possible, and strangling something in mud and stabbing it without killing it isn’t ethical in the least. Hopefully the Fish and Game catch these numbskulls. I may be wrong, but it seemed to me that they were VERY drunk in this video. Thank God the one bozo recorded it, it will make it easier for the Fish and Game to track them down

    1. Didn’t watch but several seconds of the video but one poacher made a comment about killing it. I noticed that one poacher has what appeared an axe. It might be they attacked the deer earlier hence it appeared to struggle. Deer swim fast if they are not injured. These poachers next “fun” will be attacking a child. They were never men.

      1. A little time in the cell where they become the deer wanting mercy would be too god for these a holesunbelieveable all 6 should pay dearly . They will cry like little girls in jail get them there!

  2. I’m sitting here wondering why none of the people on the far bank called the authorities at the time of witnessing this. Seems to me that someone could have easily made it out there in time to intercept these clowns and catch them in the act.

  3. Good luck & God speed to Game & Fish in catching these vile worthless excuses for humans. They have lost their rights to living space on this planet and no longer need to exist. A warm jail is too good for them. However a well placed .45 will save tax payers money. No mercy.

  4. Boys will be boys. It’s cruel, and careless as boys can be, but the truth is we’ve all done stupid things. I don’t think it to be a good idea to treat them like monsters. Punish them according to the law is enough. I think that they are a reflection of the crap in all of us. STOP ACTING LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER DONE A ROTTEN THING IN YOUR LIFE. If you punish them with out understanding, and mercy you will only create a bigger monster. “The killer in me is the killer in you.”

    1. STFU you moron. It’s not “boys will be boys.” These were not “boys” up to some hapless mischief, as you’d like to point out. Rather, these were crooks plain and simple.

    2. I understand that boys will be boys, but this is beyond normal stupid boy stuff. They were well and truly being criminals, who I believe may have been under the influence. I have done many things in my life that I am not proud of, but anyone who doesn’t have a brain tumor understands that this is cruel and unjust. They aren’t monsters, they are human beings who made a very bad and unethical mistake. To me that means that they should be punished to the full extent of the law, preferably by having their hunting licenses revoked for at least 5 years and having some jail time. Community service isn’t a bad prospect either. And maybe, they should be made to attend an ethics course, to teach them that what they did was terribly wrong.

      1. I did say punishment according to the Law. I just can’t dip shits like you acting like you don’t understand how someone could do that. ,and going by your reply to me I think your rotten as Hell. No mercy for you either.

      2. Boys are juveniles. These males were of an age where they should behave as adults, not boys. Boys should be taught by MEN how to behave or the courts have to do it.

  5. should be easy enough to catch these scum. after all they even have one of their names. Better hide Doefort, Doefart, Dofert, or whatever. Wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have some of them by now. Oh, and by the way Mike, I can honostly say, I have never done anything even close to this!

  6. Why didn’t they break his neck, they had lots of antler to use as leverage and it would have been over quick for the buck. These are miserable excuses for men.

    1. A deer can rotate their neck and head about 370 degrees. I have butchered more deer than I can accurately count, for myself, my family and friends. It is virtually impossible to just break their neck. But that’s beside the point. This is plain disgusting. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  7. This is what the Dakota Indians are doing when they’re not protesting Pipelines that will destroy and kill the local Wildlife. ….. they just spend their time destroying and killing the local wildlife

  8. when i was young and out duck hunting with my dad i spotted a weasel and was going to shot it. my dad stopped me and said we are hunting ducks and we eat them. we do not just kill animals to kill them. he also taught me to obey the laws. we would not shoot until opening and obeyed every law. have i made mistakes and broken the law, yes. but i very seldom do it now and if it is done it is usually not noticing the speed limit. catch them, make them do community service for a few years with someone around to teach them. maybe some integrity will rub off on them. their parents certainly did a bad job… PRETTY SICK!!!

  9. “Poaching.” Well, not my idea of hunting out of season, in the wrong area, or harvesting an animal for rare or desired body parts. This was not any of those preconceptions. This was pure and simple torture and wanton taking of the life of a animal. Animal cruelty sums it up best. These young men were not hunters. It was all about killing a deer who was in trouble. There is no “sport” in that. Nothing heroic or anything to be proud of, yet here they are filiming themselves in this senseless act of brutality, laughing and attempting to validate each other for taking part in this act by congratulating each other as if they were the ones who were victorious in some challenging act. Despicable.

  10. These “poachers” are obviously native Indians. Many feel it is their inherent right as self appointed “protectors of the land” to be able to slaughter anything, anywhere, anytime and in any manner.

    1. Those were savages, not native Indians. There’s not a tribal leader or council I can think of that would condone such disrespect of an animal. I hope they are found and pay dearly.

  11. Running over protesters on roadways could soon be legal in North Dakota. Lawmakers introduced a bill last week that would not hold motorists liable for negligently running over someone obstructing a roadway.

  12. Yea, I’m sure they were drinking beer. Jumping in that cold water was not too smart. They probably all got sick. In order for them to change they need to have something to change into. The prison system is not going to do that. Only God can change a mans heart. Maybe they will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ ,and receive it with a glad heart. ……It’s easy for us to stand back, and cast judgement on people you have never met. Yes they did something cruel, and rotten, but hating them will not help them. God is very slow to anger. If not we would all be in Hell. God has mercy on those who have mercy.

  13. Nothing surprises me anymore what people do. Why people get upset about wolves or coyotes taking other animals for food is beyond me. These people did this act just out of the pleasure of killing something. A pack of people is worst than a pack of wolves in my mind.

  14. Tie the 8 scumbags by the ankles behind a PU truck, then go take a nice ride over a rough road for an hour or two. If there’s anything left of them, maybe they learned a lesson.

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