ATA 2017: Odor Control in the Palm of Your Hands?


As the title above states, a company is claiming to control human odor and do so with a compact device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Is this possible? Well, if anyone can make it happen, that company is Scentlok . . . a brand with its roots firmly planted in odor control.

Scentlok Enforcer on display at the 2017 ATA Show.
Scentlok Enforcer on display at the 2017 ATA Show.

Here’s the scoop: Scentlok Enforcer is the smallest personal ozone generator on the market today. We spotted it earlier this week at the 2017 ATA (archery) Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, and wanted to share its story.

Text on the website makes the following claim:

We have engineered the most versatile ozone generator and another innovative and effective solution to help assist you in managing unwanted odors! The ENFORCER’s quiet fan produces the correct amount of ozone, which seeks out and virtually destroys odor molecules and bacteria that gets in its path. Ideal for use in enclosed areas such as totes, hockey and athletic gear, tents, closets, bedrooms and much more. The SCENTLOK ENFORCER also helps to re-activate carbon alloy extending the field life of your SCENTLOK carbon clothing.

UNLEASH the SCENTLOK ENFORCER for all of your odor control needs. The personal ozone generator is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, is rechargeable with up to 8-hours of battery life, and can go anywhere you go. 1-hour and 3-hour operating mode allows you to apply the right amount of ozone depending on the severity of odors. And as an added feature the SCENTLOK ENFORCER serves as a power bank for charging Smartphones and Tablets.

So, does the $99.95 Scentlok Enforcer work as advertised? Because we haven’t had it in the field yet, we won’t offer an opinion. The website does contain several reviews, but because the product is so new, the pool of users is still fairly small.

Know this, however: OutdoorHub Managing Editor Dave Maas field-tested another ozone-based scent-control product (Ozonics) during the fall 2016 deer hunting season, and as he reports here, the results were outstanding.

Hunters, and especially bowhunters who pursue whitetail deer, and always looking for an edge, and this fall the Scentlok Enforcer might just be your ticket to a close-range encounter to a mature buck.

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