Taking a stroll down the list of introduced legislation on congress.gov, we found something that piqued our interest, and we think it will do the same for you.

Introduced 1/12/2017, H.R. 509:

To abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, transfer its functions relating to the Federal firearms, explosives, and arson laws, violent crime, and domestic terrorism to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and transfer its functions relating to the Federal alcohol and tobacco smuggling laws to the Drug Enforcement Administration, and for other purposes.


As of now, this bill, which aims to abolish the ATF, has only just been introduced to the House. We will definitely be keeping a close eye on this though, as any shakeup of functions or duties of the ATF could potentially be very big news.

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13 thoughts on “New Bill Introduced in Congress Aims Abolish the ATF

    1. damn* So you agree bad guys with guns is bad? So you support gun control? AKA the BATFE’s job? Your self-contradiction within one comment is so typical.

  1. I think. There ought to be. more of this kind of legislation to cut government expense. I also think instead of passing and weighting new laws to get their names in the news they would be better served and serve the nation better if they looked over old obsolete bills to repel for at least the first year in session. They might find getting elected next time to be easier.

  2. Jack booted thugs. Time to turn their duties over to redundant organizations. Too much guberment is bad for the people.

  3. A 30% cut in federal employees would be a great start. 49% of Americans get some sort of federal assistances, they can cut this down to 10%.

  4. The ATF is redundant and is an outgrowth of the Department Of Prohibition. When Prohibition was repealed they became an agency in search of a mission. Like most government agencies once established they are nearly impossible to get rid of. The DEA is also redundant and it’s work could also be handed over to the FBI. Just a lot of waste and corruption in government but then again government is just another criminal enterprise like any other organized criminal gang (just bigger).

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