Some People are Boycotting L.L.Bean For Trump Support


L.L.Bean is a family-owned business that began back in 1912. The company has long been inspiring people to live life outdoors. For the last 105 years, L.L.Bean has been singularly focused on offering high-quality, satisfaction-guaranteed products and outstanding customer service.

So why are we talking about L.L.Bean?

The distinguished outdoor brand has found itself in the center of some scrutiny lately, since Linda Bean, one of 50-plus family members with ties to the business, donated a large sum of money ($60,000) to the Making America Great Again LLC, in support of President-elect Donald Trump.



After hearing about this, Grab Your Wallet, a group that bands people together to boycott companies that “do business with the Trump family,” added L.L.Bean to their “never again” list.

Now, L.L.Bean is left scrambling, calling the boycott against its company “misguided.”

L.L.Bean’s Executive Chairman, Shawn Gorman, penned a lengthy message, which was posted on the company’s Facebook, to try and clear things up. Gorman first wants everyone to realize that Linda Bean is “only one of 50-plus family members involved with the business.” They are adamant that the political views of one single member of the company don’t reflect on the company itself. “L.L.Bean does not endorse political candidates, take positions on political matters, or make political contributions,” Gorman wrote.

The post goes on to explain the company’s love and support for the outdoors, and no individual family member speaks on behalf of the company that L.L. built. Political agendas aside, we hate to see an outdoor brand get caught up in a mess like this.


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