More Than 80 Dolphins Stranded in Shallow Water Die Off Florida Coast


81 dolphins off the southwest coast of Florida have been confirmed dead after getting stranded in shallow water.

A large pod of 95 dolphins, which were known as “false killer whales,” became stranded in the Gulf Coast off Everglades National Park, the park said on Twitter.

Photos on the Everglades National Park’s Twitter show clusters of these dolphins lined up very close to a sandy beach.

According to the Palm Beach Post, “false killer whales are named as such because of their resemblance to their distant relative – orcas. They are members of the dolphin family and range in size from 15 feet to 20 feet. In adulthood, false killer whales can weigh approximately 1,500 pounds.”

This behavior has been witnessed in these false killer whales before, but this is only the third stranding in Florida, and the first of this species in nearly 30 years.



Image from Everglades National Park Twitter

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