Standard Manufacturing, known for their radically designed firearms, has come up with one of the most unique guns you’ll ever see.

The S333 Volleyfire, has 6 barrels, fires 2 shots with each trigger pull, and has 2 firing pins. Intrigued? That’s not even all.

We said the S333 was one of the most unique guns you’ll ever shoot, that’s because you probably have never shot a gun with no safety, no magazine, and no hammer before.

Sure to be a hit, the S333 Volleyfire does not yet have an official release date, but should be available soon. At this time, there are 4 color options available: Black, Ranger Green, Pink, and Gold Finger. Standard Manufacturing says it will be priced under $300.

Be sure to keep an eye out on their website as well as here at OutdoorHub for more information.



Image is screenshot from the Youtube video

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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8 thoughts on “Standard Manufacturing Releases Six Barrel, S333 Volleyfire Handgun

  1. Is it just me or would this not fall under the definition of machine gun. Two bullets per trigger pull is “more than one shot … by a single function…” is it not?

    The National Firearms Act defines “machinegun” as “any weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger.” 26 U.S.C. 5845(b).Aug 18, 2004

    1. I think the difference is this doesn’t fire two shots ‘successively’ by one trigger pull such as a MG or SMG would, but rather two shots ‘simultaneously’ with one trigger pull. Kind of like pulling both triggers on a side-by-side shotgun and firing both barrels at the same time.

      1. Yeah, and that 1911 with two barrels. I have the same question about that one.
        Difference between this, the 1911 and the double barrel shotgun thing is the shotgun still has two triggers. Dunno. Sooner or later there’ll be a clarification.

    2. There were thousands of double barreled shotguns manufactured that would fire both barrels if the wrong trigger were pulled. They were designed to fire the more open choked barrel first and then the more closed choked barrel second but if the more closed choked barrel were fired first, both barrels went off simultaneously. I watched my dad roll over backwards doing that once on a dove hunt. That is why the Texas law states more than TWO rounds with a single pull of the trigger.

  2. Lovely, someone just reinvented the pepperbox.
    Question, if you shoot someone with two .25acp does it make them twice as mad?

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