This is going to be a game changer in the micro reflex sight.

The new Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot can be mounted on a Picatinny rail or directly to a slide with the included mounts. Expected release is some time in late spring with a 2 MOA dot and a price far lower than the competition.

Check out all of the close up images we took at SHOT Show below:

Here is a close up of the 2 MOA dot

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  • Jimi B.

    Previous reflex sights have been complete garbage. Maybe this one will be better, but probably not. Go with a Bushnell or Vortex.

    • Marshall Lerner

      It will be $169.99. I get it. We tried too hard to keep the past models under $100 and accepted too low of a recoil rating. Won’t be a issue with the new one. Marshall Lerner CEO Primary Arms, LLC

      • Rick D

        Marshall, Rick Dembroski here from The Arms Guide. We talked to you at SHOT, if you have any specs you can email me and we would love to do a promo piece with eh outdoor hub videos in our article so they get some love also

      • Marshall Lerner

        Hi Rick Give me a call on Monday and let’s trade contact info

      • Rick D

        Sounds like a plan

      • Rick D

        Marshall can you send me an email at my corporate email since I can’t seem to find yours attached to Disqus ?

  • Leo Anthony

    You know what would be helpful, is mentioning an approximate price.

  • 230 Grains Hardball

    Uh, the lettering on the rear face of the site…. You left the “G” off.