Here’s an adrenaline rush for you! A perfect example of why you always wear a life jacket and kill switches on a boat. We’re just glad nobody was injured.

In this clip, Hunter Bland and Conner Young of the University of Florida Bass Fishing Team, are seen cruising across the lake running about 57 mph. Suddenly, the boat starts acting funny, and just as you begin to realize it, the two anglers are ejected from the boat.

This accident was apparently caused by a steering system part failure.

These two guys are very fortunate they weren’t injured at all. A little shaken up sure, but they both get back up on deck at the end of the video. Whew! Scary stuff.

Remember, this is a great example of why you always wear a life jacket and kill switches. Stay safe out there on the water.


Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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4 thoughts on “Must See Video: UF Bass Team Boat Accident Going 57 mph

  1. A guy on another site said what happened is called “hooking” where the hull of the boat caught a wake wrong and spins the boat in a 180
    First I’ve heard of that.

  2. As soon as it got loose he should have pulled throttle to settle the hull. It’s starts loosening up several seconds before it bites. You can get away with crossing a wake like that at 30-35mph, not twice that, and not in that light a hull with that design. Glad they are okay.

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