Video: How to Accidentally Discharge your Handgun Properly


Accidents happen, but when they happen at a gun range, things can get dangerous. That’s actually not the case in this video, as we take a look at a “happy accident” that shows exactly why proper gun etiquette is so important.

A shooter at a local match had an accidental discharge and was lucky enough to catch it on film. This was not a negligent discharge, as his finger was nowhere near the trigger when the gun fired.

Consider all of the things he does CORRECTLY during the incident:

1. Gun is pointed down range and in a safe direction.

2. After the discharge he does not panic, but rather surveys the situation.

3. After surveying the situation he awaits directions from the range officer instead of wildly handling the firearm.

This is such an important lesson for new shooters. Thankfully, no one was injured after the accidental discharge, which demonstrates why being aware at all times when handling a firearm is so important.

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