Video: CEO of CVA Explains the Dangers of Muzzleloaders


We join Bass Pro Shop’s Allen Treadwell and CEO of CVA, Dudley McGarity, on a rainy day at the range, which happens to be perfect weather conditions to blow up some guns.

It’s important to be aware of what you’re doing with any firearm in your hands, but the necessity for this acute awareness goes double for a muzzleloader.

This video goes over a couple of the things that can go wrong with a muzzleloader in the hands of a negligent shooter. You’ll see a graphic example of how just putting the wrong powder in your muzzleloader quite literally turns the gun in your hands into a pipe bomb. Not something you want to be holding onto!

Oh yeah, there’s a ballistics dummy too, and well. . . lets just say you’re better off learning from his mistakes than finding out on your own.

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