Today is an important day in American history. It’s the day we as a nation, welcome our new leader into Presidency. Today, Donald Trump was sworn-in as the 45th president of the United States of America, and we’re here to discuss what that means for hunters, and all outdoor activists.

First of all, President Trump promised throughout the election that he will stand up and fight for gun rights, and that was a big pressing issue for gun owners. Now that President Trump is in office, we can at least breathe a sigh of relief over that.

For all of us as outdoor enthusiasts, the Second Amendment is not just a passion or a hobby that we participate in every weekend, it’s a lifestyle. In an interview with SilencerCo’s CEO, Donald Trump Jr. discussed the importance of those rights.

Now, there are still some lingering issues, such as controversy with federal hunting/fishing lands being transferred to the states. However, neither President Donald Trump nor Rep. Ryan Zinke, his pick to head the Interior Department, support that movement. President Trump will be a deer in headlights right off the bat, as we await to see how those issues are handled.

All in all, this presidency represents many things to us as a community – the preservation of our lands, taking care of those lands, public hunting rights, and our 2nd Amendment freedoms. There’s still a lot to be seen and even more that’s up in the air, but today, we as hunters, anglers and Americans can chalk this day up as a win for our sport.

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16 thoughts on “What Gun Owners and Sportsmen Need to Know About President Trump on Inauguration Day

  1. Yeah, the guy who ran on a platform of subverting the 1st in the face of terrorism will protect the 2nd. That’s rich. Would’ve been better off with a toothless Clinton.

    1. You wouldn’t have to worry about hunting land if Hillary were elected. She would take away all your firearms. While I can’t agree with everything Trump proposed, ANYTHING is better than that criminal Clinton and her rapist husband.

  2. Preserving Federal lands should be a priority for all sportsmen. If my state gov’t get the land it would be up for sale to the politically connected and the rich. The result ACCESS DENIED.

    1. I agree with you 1000%!! We all should have learned long that no politician can EVER be trusted. I have no reason to ever trust trump. I Certainly we cannot trust the present administration as they have shown us time and again. Saving public lands from these sold out politicians should be our first priority.

  3. All people worry about is their guns and don’t care about the good of the country and the morals of Trump does seem to faze nobody. No President has taken our guns away.
    And his racists views along with his racist Cabinet and White Supremist views. All of us will keep our guns no matter who would be in there. Think like a real American what kind of President we have. The whole world was protesting because he is a Bigot and disrespects woman.

    1. You can thank Republicans for protecting your Second Amendment rights. Democrats have made it clear that they are more than willing to restrict your gun rights. A Republican-controlled Congress prevented that.
      As for Trump disrespecting women, I suggest you Google Bill Clinton and his various activities.
      You sound like a typical leftist sheep that parrots whatever you read on the Huffington Post. “Racist! Sqwaaakk! Racist!”

      1. You might as well save your breath, toothfairy, I’m sure Mr. Romero doesn’t even own a gun. He’s just another Liberal troll who comes to sites to pursue the primary Liberal pastime of spreading hate and discontent. Just look how all those tolerant Liberals riots because of the election results. They make America look more like some Third World cesspool does around election time.

      2. You say your sure I don’t own a gun. I own 2 Ruger Super Blackhawks, Ruger 357 Security Sx, Ruger 22 mag, side by side 12 gauge, 30-30 Winchester, Remington .223 BDL, & 2 .22 rifles. Sounds like firearms to me.

      3. Sounds like you got online and looked up some cool gun types so you could claim you own them. Your list of firearms you claim you own mean so much less than the content of your comments. Truth will out.

    2. to take our gun rights you first start with restrictions that become more and more aggressive. the 44th pres did his damnedest to eliminaye guns and considers it a failure on his part. one appointment to the supreme court would have destroyed the second amendment. so, WTF are you taking about. i am neither party and do not consider myself either right or left. i voted straight republican for the first time this last election. maybe the left should consider getting rid of its anti gun policies. mayber the elite should figure out we are not going to give them our guns. legal or not, no one can take my right to self protection from anyone including a rogue government. the second amendment is not hard to understand if you read it and know just a tiny bit of history.gun violence and crime have been going down in this country since the 90’s , except those states with the strictest gun laws.

      when 4 out of 8 supreme court judges feel we have no gun rights given by the second amendment and you say no one is trying to take our guns, well, i guess you are not listening or understand what is happening.

      nothing in this world is black or white. there always has to be compromises. we regulate the land to protect it from whatever to the extent that we cannot enjoy it ourselves anymore. give up you car and electricity. they cause pollution. either that or limit it to the ruling class. maybe that would be acceptable. once the elite have convinced us electronic money is the answer, they will have complete control of everyone. not a pleasant thought in my opinion. i do not want to be controlled and i want a lot of my freedom taken away back. i do not want to give up more, for the good of society. translated it means the good of the elite.

      our last pres seemed to want to fuel racial tensions not ease them. he certainly did not get us out of any wars, in fact, he started a lot more. his final parting shots, he tried to destroy relations with other important countries. worst pres ever, not counting destroying our economy through his actions including doubling the national debt. see you in the greatest depression the world has ever seen, and it is not trumps fault, but you will try and blame him also, right?? the democraps seem to only produce criminals any more. you seem to leave out hilawitch666 the most evil and criminal person. i wonder how long it will take the politicians to destroy or change trump? at least it is better then someone that has already been converted to criminal. WTF!! i guess you do not understand that the people, a lot of them, are getting dissatisfied with government as usual. less government not more. total power has corrupted totally.

    3. You mean the same whole world that gave Obama a Nobel Peace Prize before he even took office? You mean those ill informed busybodies who don’t live here and really know nothing about America except what they read in their Liberal media? You mean that whole world.

      You are woefully uninformed and probably voted for Clinton.

    4. You’re an idiot. You’re such an idiot that I feel the need to tell you that you’re an idiot again. now do us all a favor and go kill yourself. You would be doing the world a favor since you clearly cannot think for yourself. If all you’re going to do is regurgitate with the media has said then quite frankly you have nothing to say so say nothing. Since you clearly voted for Hillary and I doubt you even really support gun rights you should go to the middle of the woods and just hang yourself ropes free and nobody’s trying to take it away from you. So tired of you and people like you. You lost get over it. If you can’t get over it and it’s that emotionally distressing again feel free to get a length of rope go to the woods and not be anybody’s problem anymore. If that’s too much then get on board shut your mouth and make positive changes. It’s called working with what you’ve got life’s not fair get over it I can’t believe I have to break this down for you like you’re a God damn teenager.

  4. Let’s keep the conservative/liberal slander out of this. The bottom line is that they have already put measures in place to take our land!! Research the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and see that they are already proposing to kill that as it prevents the government access to lands that protect certain plant and animal species that are considered endangered. If they repeal that then they have access to protected lands that have a wealth of oil reserves. Our gas prices will go down, but at what cost to our access to public lands? Like others have said, no President has taken away our guns, but our LAND is something entirely different. I have contacted my congressman and demanded that they keep our land protected. You should do the same as our elected officials are there because of us!!

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