Chris Currah, of Lacrosse Footwear, announces their new relationship with GORE and SITKA Gear, making Lacrosse Footwear the first company to release their OPTIFADE “Elevated II” and “Waterfowl Marsh” patterns on rubber boots – more specifically, their Alphaburley Pro models.

SITKA users are familiar with the OPTIFADE “Elevated II” and “Waterfowl Marsh” camouflage patterns. Now, for the first time, SITKA’s camo patterns have been printed on rubber boots to take you further on your adventures.

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3 thoughts on “Lacrosse Footwear Releases First Rubber Boots with OPTIFADE Camo Patterns

  1. It’s a good start, now how about making some chest and hip waders in the Optifade Waterfowl pattern…? NO ONE makes a good Hip Wader in a Light Colored Duck Hunting Camo anymore…

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