Yes, You Can Fit 50 Rounds of 12ga in Kel-Tec’s Updated KSG Shotgun


Kel-Tec introduced their latest KSG model at SHOT Show 17. The New gun features longer mag tubes and barrel to bring the total round count up to 25 using standard sized shells.

However, we realized shortly after looking at the gun that it could also hold( and shoot) 50 rounds of Aguila’s 12ga Minishells. According to Kel-Tec the shotgun was built after a request from a German law enforcement agency. The agency was looking for a pump action shotgun with a much higher than average magazine capacity. As a result Kel-Tec engineers created the KSG-25.

The gun will be produced in a limit run of 5000 units. If sales are deemed successful enough Kel-Tec plans to continue production after the initial 5000 unit target. Personally I can’t wait to see how quickly you could shoot 50 Minishells out of this bad boy.

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