Video: Young Bowhunter Arrows First Moose from Treestand


Warning: This hunting video contains graphic content, however, what can easily go overlooked, is the respect and maturity shown by the young hunter after the kill.

These videos often attract negative attention from anti hunters because they’re “too graphic,” but every hunter should take a page out of Mitchell Payment’s book after seeing his reaction to taking down his first bull moose.

After executing a perfect treestand shot on a stud bull moose from 27 yards, the animal ran only 60 yards. The blood indicates a good lung shot was made on the animal, and based on how little it ran, he was likely dead before he hit the ground; a clean, quick kill. What struck us as more impressive, however, was what happened next.

Obviously, Mitchell was excited about his harvest, and deservedly so! But what you don’t see is any over-the-top celebrating, fist pumping, or anything that would make an anti scoff at his actions. He shows a respect and maturity for the animal that goes well beyond his years. Good shooting Mitchell, and enjoy your trophy!




Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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