A man in Onalaska, Wisconsin, was caught with more than 2,500 panfish and plead no contest to four citations for exceeding possession limits.

Stanley Paalksnis, 74, is facing $24,683 in fines for illegally possessing a ridiculous number of panfish of differing variety. Prosecutors apparently agreed to ask a LaCrosse County Circuit judge to impose a $10,000 fine, revoke his fishing privileges for 12 years, and order Paalksnis to forfeit his 15-foot boat that was seized by authorities. His sentencing will come at a later date.

This isn’t the first time Wisconsin DNR has had to deal with Paalksnis, either. In 2015, game wardens caught him with 47 bluegills when the daily limit was 25.

In this case, authorities found 2,066 bluegills, 418 perch and 88 crappies in Paalksnis’s boat and house, reports stated. The possession limits are 50 for each species.

If you’re wondering what in the world he’s doing with that insane number of fish, Paalksnis offered an explanation that’s just as crazy as the crime itself. Paalksnis told a warden that he would go to Chicago and sell bags of fish for $5 each.

The DNR has issued Paalksnis seven citations between the years of 1989 and 2011 for exceeding possession limits. Never say never, but it would appear that Paalksnis’s fishing days are over. At least we can hope.

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21 thoughts on “Angler Fined $24K for Illegally Possessing 2,500 Panfish

  1. Fine him the full $24K, take all his stuff and revoke his hunting and fishing privileges. Add that if caught hunting or fishing he will go to jail.

    1. Since you’re so new to this country, let me inform you we can’t deport actual citizens. We deport illegal aliens that have illegally entered the country and only a small percentage of them at that. Which is how you got here, probably when you’re family came some 40 years ago through some refugee program (you’re welcome). Also Spanish are not white (you racist pig!), they are Latin… Same with Italians (jerk). By you’re criteria you should be shipped out too. In fact the only people that qualify to be here are my ancestors, the native Americans. We wish you never came here too.

  2. Really?? How about we starting taking fishing licenses away after TWO citations. This guy has 7 and NOW they are going to take it away? What a joke. That’s just as bad as DUI’s in Wi. Break the law and you get a slap on the wrist. Start making some actual punishments.

  3. I guess i have a different take. Most of rural WI is shamefully poor. Our state has laughable community services. I bet he was doing this to get income to survive. I know that doesnt excuse breaking the law at the same time what do we expect of our elderly when basic needs are not met but there are no resources to help them.

      1. Posession is how many fish you have total, including at home, whereas bag is how many you have currently with you. At least that’s the breakdown in California.

  4. Posssieon is ( in boat,truck,camp,home etc ) selling fish with out a commerial license is stealing from others in your state. DNR dropped the frigging ball with this old dirt bag. This was not a case of trying to FEED himself and family. Just a thief.

  5. He’s already establish a long history of total disregard for the law, lock his decrepit old ass up for a yr. or two… maybe he’ll get the message

  6. First let me say he needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. BUT like usual with the medua these days, seems like there is something missing in this story. What I mean is he is 74 and drives to Chicago to sell bags of fish for 5 bucks and the story ends there. Something is fishy (full pun intended) seems like a 74 year old man would have better things to do then that. I would like to know as the late great Paul Harry would say “the rest of the story”

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